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Treatment Philosophy

Jeff believes in a holistic approach to treating the body. Jeff's treatment approach focuses on gentle, hands-on, evidence based treatment techniques such as Strain Counterstrain, Muscle Energy Technique, and soft tissue and joint mobilizations that aim to restore proper tone and function to the soft tissues and normalize mobility and alignment of joints. Therapeutic exercise is used as an adjunct to help progress and maintain improvements. Jeff specializes in treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions, but is competent in treating many musculoskeletal and multi-system problems including, but not limited to post-operative rehabilitation, balance/vestibular problems, headaches/migraines, and MVA related injuries. Jeff's primary objective is to assist his patients/clients in achieving a life free of physical pain and dysfunction. Freedom is a state of being. Be free!

What to expect

Your first visit will focus on gathering information, evaluation of your problem, and determining a treatment plan. Some treatment and/or exercises are generally initiated. Further visits focus on treatment of your problem. A visit frequency of two visits/week is preferred for most problems for the first two to four weeks. Further treatment will be determined by outcomes and what is appropriate for your condition. Some problems may only require one or a few visits. Treatment time will generally be 40-60 minutes with a physical therapist. Having intake forms ready prior to your first appointment is preferred. Loose clothing will make it easier for hands-on treatment.


Jeff State Physical Therapy accepts most major insurance carriers including Medicare. As a courtesy, we will bill your medical insurance. We also offer competitive cash pay rates - please inquire for pricing. Please contact us prior to scheduling your first appointment if your insurance requires preauthorization for physical therapy or requires a referral and you do not have one so that we can be sure everything is in place prior to your first visit.